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Eduardo Bort

Guitarist, composer

Photo of Eduardo Bort rehearsing in Madrid Eduardo Bort - the first album sleeve
Eduardo Bort - 1973

Eduardo Bort - Silvia - the second album sleeve
Silvia - 1974

My band, E.T. playing live in Denia
E.T. live at 'La Guitarra', Denia

E.T. poster
Poster for my gig at La Guitarra

Eduardo Bort came along to some concerts of mine in 'La Guitarra', Denia, a couple of years ago (august/sept 2002).
He'd been talking with Enrique, explaining that he was intending to record a disc and was interested in having my bass player and drummer, Greg Ridley and Geoff Britton, play on it. I was then engaged as translator..... Neither Eduardo nor Enrique speak much English.
At a later meeting at my apartment, while rehearsing with Enrique and Greg, Eduardo told the story of how in the 70s he released two albums which recieved much acclaim. Sadly a car accident began a series of personal tragedies for Eduardo, who decided to remove himself from the public eye.
Having never heard of this guy before, both Enrique and I searched around a little. What little we found about this guy was interesting, to say the least.....
The more I got to know Eduardo the more interesting the story became.
His first album although no longer available, is one of the most sought after albums in Europe. Copies sell on the internet for around 1,700 $US.
The reviews of his albums tell of his excellent guitar playing and production talents, though his voice lets him down. He had a sound like a mix of Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana.
Eduardo told me of a concert he played in Valencia with Santana and Paco De Lucia. He also told me of his tours of Japan, playing in the major buddhist temples there to 5,000 people! I saw the photos and newspaper cuttings! Then there were his tours of South America......
And not once had I heard him play!
I met several times with Eduardo over the following winter, spring and summer, sometimes with Greg, sometimes with Geoff, sometimes with them both, but most often just Eduardo and I. He explained that the new recording had come about because the Society of Authors in Spain were interested in financing works by important Spanish artists and had contacted him.
Since his first albums had caused such a stir in their time, he told me he was planning on inviting musicians like Raimundo Amador, Paco de Lucia and perhaps Carlos Santana. The best Spanish producer had agreed to join the team, as had Fabio Miano, one of the best jazz pianists in Spain. In fact he had a whole list of friends who had agreed to play or take part in some way, yet, no-one, up until this point, had heard a note of music!
He also had the original master tapes of his previous albums, which he wanted to remix in London, for later re-releasing along with the new album.

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