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What is a gaming PC?

A gaming PC, also called a video game console, is a customized computer system designed specifically for playing video games. Gaming PCs usually differ from regular home computers by having high-end core count central processing units and high-speed video cards. Some of these high-end components are also found in professional video game consoles. These high-end components are what make a gaming PC so desirable.

The video card is what distributes the video output to the monitors connected to the system. There are currently three types of video card options available for gaming pcs; two of which are dependent on the cooling systems of the system. There are passive cooled and active cooled video card options. Passive cooled systems use liquid cooling systems that are able to maintain constant temperature even when the computer is running actively. Active cooled systems on the other hand use an air cooler that is able to overheat only the components that need cooling and not the entire computer system.

The third component of a gaming system is the CPU. The role of the CPU in a PC is to execute calculations and control operations of the operating system. In most gaming pc’s the processing power is provided by the central processing unit or the CPU. The speed at which the computer will run is determined by the speed of the CPU and the amount of memory it has.

A gaming computer needs a processor that is fast. A typical gaming computer would need to have four to five times the processing power of a normal computer to deliver the same game experience. The speed at which the processor runs is determined by the memory speed of the particular unit. Memory speed determines the speed at which commands for the game commands are executed by the processor.

The fourth and final component of a gaming pc is the graphics card. This particular component also controls the speed at which the player experiences the graphics. The graphics card in a gaming pc is connected to the main processor through a PCI slot. There are many different cards available that support different types of gaming experiences. Cards usually fall into one of the following categories:

The processor, graphics card and memory all work together to deliver video games the quality they are designed to have. Video games require a high level of processing power and the faster the processors and ram the better experience one can have playing these demanding games. Today, gaming is no longer just a matter of sticking a couple of monitors in a room and having a few friends over for some friendly competition. Gaming PC’s offer the gamer an extensive range of options that ensure a great video game experience.