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What are the best Gaming Laptops?

There are several ways to approach the question of which laptops are the best gaming laptops. The first is to simply try them out for size and build. The second is to judge them by their specs alone, i.e. their integrated hardware, RAM, and screen size. A third option is to judge them by price, although this too has its pitfalls: if a game you’re looking forward to playing on a laptop isn’t available on a budget then you’re likely to be disappointed.

In this article we will look at three of the most recent models, the Acer Aorus Erazer, Asus Zen AiKi and HP Omen 15. All three models have been reviewed by leading UK magazines and can be easily found online. While they vary greatly in appearance, size, weight and build quality, they have one thing in common – they are all among the best gaming laptops currently available. Their main specs are all similar, with the only spec difference being that the Zen will have an extra touch-pad compared to the other models. The Aorus will also differ between models with respect to graphics card and processor speeds, though the latter will be similar between the models.

The main point of discussion when it comes to these laptops is the design and build quality of the devices. The ZenBook is arguably the best gaming laptops currently available, based on reviews carried out by professional reviewers. This is probably down to the fact that Asus provide the accessory parts for their machines such as the touch pad, which is an essential accessory for many people. The Aspire range is also popular for the simple design and advanced features, though the new model of the HP Omen 15 is based on the newer ‘old-world’ design and is probably the best choice for those who like to play games on ultramodern equipment. These are all the best gaming laptops in my opinion, with each one offering different benefits to the user depending upon what they are looking for.

It is probably fair to say that the two best gaming laptops on the market at the moment are the Asus models and the Acer models. The Asus has a slightly smaller design compared to the others, but the benefit of having a smaller body is that it allows the fan to be placed in a better location, which improves cooling. Both the Asus and Acer have great refresh rates, which is important when it comes to using a laptop over a longer period of time. While the Acer has a higher refresh rate, the Asus has been reported to be able to maintain this rate for longer thanks to better cooling.

One of the big talking points with the new generation of Asics is the use of a new dual HD display. The Asus has a dual HD panel, whilst the Acer has a quad HD panel. So which is the best gaming laptops, with regards to the dual HD panel? For many people, the answer would be the Acer as the gaming experience on this model was said to be some of the best that could be had from an integrated graphics card.

Another option that some people are opting for these days is the AMD models, with the newer models often being referred to as Rusty or B-desktop. In some ways, the Asus models are following in the footsteps of their predecessors, who were also using the a series of gaming laptops. But it is probably fair to say that the best gaming laptops have to be provided by the now leading brand, Intel. With the introduction of their new Haswell processors, they have now become more than capable of providing the best gaming laptops around. All in all, if you are interested in purchasing a gaming laptop, it is perhaps best to opt for a brand name you can trust, such as Acer.